toughest slope in the mid-atlantic
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February 10, 2001
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I may attempt a story sometime on this subj and I could use help from you all. Post your nomination for the toughest couple of slopes you've skied in PA, MD, WV or VA. If you like, add a few comments about why; steep, narrow, bumpy, icy, etc. Also, if you're really into this, it would help to cross reference one trail with another, e.g., Ultra at Liberty is as steep as Extrovert at Blue Knob, but Ultra is only half as long, both are steeper and longer than the top of Rebel Yell at Massanutten. Thanks, this could be fun, just don't invite anyone from Jackson Hole to comment, they might be very disrespectful.
February 12, 2001
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I was at Jackson Hole last week. Tensleep bowl was epic!
February 18, 2001
Wildcat at Laurel Mountain is GREAT! They advertise it as the longest, steepest slope in PA and I think they are right. One of the cool, and unusual, things about it is that it starts of difficult at from the top of the mountain, but just when you think you have it down, it gets harder. Where most slopes around here start hard and get easier, this one does the direct opposite on you. Also kinda cool, we were up there this past week and they left one side of it as a nice bump run, but the other side groomed so you could choose.

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