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January 4, 2002
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Love Tahoe! I always said - one day at Tahoe I'd do NorthStar...two days at Tahoe - I'd do NorthStar twice! The entire backside is blacks...longest I've ever skied. Doing one non-stop is a challenge. Best part is that trails are separated by tall pines...great protection from adverse weather that would sock Squaw in. Hated Kirkwood. Found Heavenly very big, but dull. Was close though when staying at the Forest Inn. Only downside to Tahoe is the long long bus rides to the different areas...and stopping to put chains on the bus.

Just got back from the best kept secret in Montana...we'll just say it was a really big mountain. Only 20 minutes from the airport. If 1 person stands in front of you on a lift line, the locals call it crowded. Mountain has skiing on ALL 4 sides. Recommend the Grouse Mtn Inn. Hit the lower lift in a bizzard, halfway up it lightened...was clear and sunny on top. Looked down onto the TOPs of the clouds. Skied down from sun into a snowstorm, and back up again. Spent most of the day on top. Now, that's a BIG mountain!

January 5, 2002
Rocks...RT/Southwest Air to Reno only $168...60-80" bases at Heavenly, Alpine Meadows & Squaw...going back again...
January 7, 2002
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Rich why did you hate Kirkwood? I thought it was a great mountain. Of course, I was also skiing in chest high powder for most of the day.

I agree on Heavenly. There are a few good runs but it's built better for Cross Country not Alpiners.

January 10, 2002
Has anyone ever been to Alpine Meadows? How does it compare to Squaw or another fairly close resort? I'm going from Feb 21-25 and looking for advice... Thanks.
January 10, 2002
I'm thinking of going out to Tahoe in early March and would love some recommendations. I'm a solid intermediate skier (I've skied out west before, so my notion of "intermediate" isn't skewed to mid-Atlantic standards) who really likes wide blue cruisers. I'll be going with an advanced skier, so if there is a place that would please both of us, I'd appreciate some input. We are currently looking at Northstar and Heavenly, but are open to other suggestions. Also, what resorts will have the best conditions in March?
January 11, 2002
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Northstar & Heavenly ... you hit the exact 2 I would have come up with. I was there in March last year...excellent. Squaw is ok IF it's a clear day. I recall they had no trail maps per se, just lift maps...sort of like a huge open bowl...ski anywhere. Stay at the Forest Inn Suites - bottom of the Heavenly lift & a parking lot away from the casinos! If you want a completely different location, I loved Banff...Norquay great for advanced.
January 16, 2002
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I consider Squaw a must do on any trip to Tahoe for an advanced skier -- KT, Granite Chief, the Palisades -- there is a reason Squaw is the freeride capitol of the "skiing" world. The locals at squaw are the best I have met at Tahoe as well.

Heavenly is a glitzy, horribly laid out resort. Their vertical they boast is wasted by poor layout -- not to mention the treck from Nevada to California (atleast at the time of my visit) was flat and required a lot of leg work which was not what I considered "skiing."

Northstar is the best all around Tahoe resort -- really, REALLY, reasonable prices, employees are courteous, mountain is great. The new Lookout mountain they opened last year is just an added benefit -- however the Backside is still the gem .

Alpine Meadows is a "sister" to Squaw -- they are only seperated by 700 acres of land (with plans to build a lift joining them, currently being discussed). Alpine is gorgeous - feels like a large backcountry resort. Definetely if on an extended stay worth a visit.

One really nice resort is Sugar Bowl -- doesn't get much attention but is surprisingly steep and has really nice snow conditions. They have their own version of the "Palisades" (those of you familiar with Squaw know what this is) and it is really a nice place for a day trip. Good terrain park.

Kirkwood is a completely unique Tahoe resort -- just recently added a base village and their first high speed quad -- feels very old I thought and I really didn't care for a lot of the mountain layout (felt it was compressed over a small area if that makes any sense. Mountain was big but felt small?).

Tahoe is a great place -- have fun .

January 17, 2002
Just got back from Tahoe on Monday. Skied

Alpine Meadows

In order of my favorite from top to bottom. The conditions were spring like which means you ski the groomers in the morning and follow the sun in the afternoon.

My favorite slopes were Granite Chief at Squaw, Mott's canyon at Heavenly, Sherwood bowl at Alpine (make sure you do the high traverse from the top of the six pack), and the Wall at Kirkwood.

I am a member of NSP and was treated very well at all resorts. Typically 1/2 price lift tix, free at Alpine.

Food was best at the Ice Bar at Alpine. A small shack at the base of Sherwood Forest, that is great for sun and sausage.

If you want some great firsthand reports on these resorts try www.firsttracksonline.com.

January 26, 2002
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best thing about tahoe is that you can get great round-trip fares on southwest out of reno to utah, where they have some really great skiing.



March 2, 2002
I have been skiing the Tahoe area for several years and recommend all of the following resorts:

Mt. Rose
Sugar Bowl
Alpine Meadows

People will tell you they don't like this or that about these resorts, but I highly recommend that you experience them for yourselves.

Mt. Rose is great when it has been awhile since the last snow storm. Base elevation is 8260 feet. Read more about Mt. Rose and Tahoe at my web site:


Ski and Tell

Snowcat got your tongue?

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