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January 3, 2002
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On the backside of Liberty is a trail called "Don't Worry". It's the only green that goes to the back of the mountain. However, Liberty doesn't even list it on the trail report (open/close).

Does this trail only open when natural snow fall covers it?

Thanks for any info...

January 3, 2002
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Don't Worry is not listed in the Liberty Snow Report, however it is listed on the Trail Map. Probably just an oversight on the webpage. It is open, I skied down it last weekend.
January 4, 2002
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I was at Liberty yesterday. Don't Worry wasn't opened (Totally grassy). Perhaps, you're thinking of Whitney's Way. Don't Worry splits off to the right at the bottom of Dipsy-Doodle where going left takes you to Sneaky Pete (AKA X-Crossing Skiing Area ) to the front-side.


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