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December 27, 2000
Of course, I have to be difficult and ask about ski areas that are not listed in the dc ski profiles. Has anyone done a review on Mystic Mountain (www.nwlr.com) up near Ohiopyle? There is very little about their slopes on their own web site.
Secondly, with so many Penn Staters in the area, does anyone still go to Tussey Mountain in Boalsburg, PA?
Scott - DCSki Editor
December 27, 2000
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Hi! Actually, I just added a Mystic Mountain profile to th Resort Profiles section a week or two ago, but I forgot to put it in the resort menu that shows up on a lot of pages. (I'll do that right now.) If you click the "Resort Profiles" link in the main menu, you should see a link to it, although it's not on the map yet.

The profile has some information although not a lot. I haven't been to Mystic, but have friends who have visited. The ski area is very tiny - really an afterthought to the Nemacolin resort, which has just about any activitity you could want year-round. They do have snow tubing. The resort itself is supposed to be a fantastic, upscale place. Some relatives that are med school students in Pittsburgh try to go to Nemacolin to get pampered every now and then.

If anyone would like to write some "Readers Comments" for Mystic Mountain, I'd be happy to add them to the profile.


- Scott

January 2, 2001
Thanks for the update on Mystic Mountain. I have often driven by on US 40 during the non-skiing months, and even drove through once but the ski area was closed. It is obviously geared towards the more affulent clientele, with the runway and all that.

I have one more question. In mucking around skimaps.com, there is a place in Virginia called "Cherokee" that has a 703 number and appears to be north of I-66. Is this a failed resort that never opened or an old resort that has closed? Anyone have any information? The map appears to me from a decade ago.

Scott - DCSki Editor
January 2, 2001
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Cherokee is a failed resort that apparently was open for only a few seasons. In Part 1 of his "Ruminations of a long-time D.C. area skier" column, published Dec. 6 on DCSki, Jim Kenney mentioned the area. (I'm including a link to his article, followed by the excpert mentioning Cherokee, below.)

I believe I have seen Cherokee from I-66 while heading out to Shenandoah National Park, several years ago. I didn't know it was a defunct ski area at the time, and one time went on a wild goose chase trying to find it, driving around various back roads in search of its entrance. I never did find it, but was sure it was ski slopes I was seeing from 66.


"You might have been one of the few to try Cherokee ski area west of Warrenton, Virginia during the few brief seasons it operated around a decade ago. It became a victim of inadequate cash flow and a succession of warm greenhouse-effect winters. You can still see Cherokee's trail cuts off to the left as you head west on I-66 near Linden, VA."

January 17, 2001
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humm i was wondering what those where?? i thought they looked like ski trails and i have seen "ski area" signs around but dident know there was a ski area around i thought it musta been cross country or something

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