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November 30, 2000
what are your favorite shortcuts or routes to the slopes?
If you know of good ways please share them with the rest of us.
The WV resorts seem especially difficult to figure by just looking at maps.
So if anyone from experience has tips to share, let us know.
Thank you
November 30, 2000
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Used to go most every week! Tried every possible route and settled on one: DC-to-Canaan = 66 to Front Royal, down 81 for a mile, 55W to Harmon, 32 up to Canaan...187 miles from Bethesda. You'll pass through 2 nice size towns (Moorfield & Petersburg) for gas (Sheetz) and food. Why 55W? Because it follows the lowest elevation and you'll miss the most bad conditions. FORGET the northern route (70 or 50)...I've met people that have spent the night stranded in their cars on Mt Storm. I've driven 1 mph watching the guard rail (if there is one) 'cause you couldn't see the hood of the car! Meantime...the "brave" drivers behind are blinking UNTIL YOU LET THEM PASS..where they pull over and stop (ha-ha). Trust me...take 55West. PS - DON'T try the Dolly Sods shortcut in the winter.
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November 30, 2000
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Absolutely agree with Rich's observation. Unless the National Weather Service stands on its head and promises totally awesome weather, I don't trust the Mt. Storm route. Let's face it, Mt. Storm IS CALLED Mt. Storm for a reason... It can be clear in a million in Winchester and pea soup at Mt. Storm.

The other side is that I also take this route to Snowshoe. 55W that joins 28S through Petersburg and Moorefield and then 28S all the way down through Seneca, Green Bank, until two miles past Green Bank where I take 66W through Cass and Snowshoe. 230 miles exactly from Arlington to the top of Snowshoe. Takes me 4 hours and 15 minutes. As in the route to Canaan, the alternate routes through Harrisonburg (I-81 to Rte 33) and Staunton (I-81 to 250) go through the widest part of the Alleghenys and it's switchback city for a hundred miles. I tried the Staunton route and took me 6 hours. Same with the Harrisonburg route. It may seem shorter to go all the way down I-81, but the fact is that on both 33 and 250, there are so many switchbacks that passing is nearly impossible AND once it snows, traffic can be as slow as 25 MPH. The way through 55/28 is on one valley that allows for many straightways where passing is a possibility. And besides, once the back road to Snowshoe is complete, it will be under four hours. Even more, once Corridor H is finished, Snowshoe will be 3.5 hours and Canaan will be that much shorter. But that's at least a couple of years away...

February 26, 2001
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