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November 20, 2000
I've gone to snowshoe at least once per season for the past 3 years. My main gripe is the rising prices. My friends & I find it cheaper to fly out west than to drive to snowshoe. We're going to Breckenridge, CO in 3 weeks...4 days lodging, lift tix & airfare is less for 2-3 people there than at snowshoe. Last year we went to Mt. Hood, OR for less than a comparable trip to snowshoe. Folks, that's messed up. And for those that disagree, remember...I said "comparable". Sure, I can stay at that dump Spruce lodge w/ 8 people in a room, ski only every other day & maybe one or 2 nights, eat only oodles of noodles & power bars and bring my own beer. But apples to apples, snowshoe is overpriced for what it is. We're not even sure whether to go this year. And yes, I realize how much money Intrawest has put into the place & it is becoming nicer, but there comes a point when air freshner won't make a turd smell good
November 20, 2000
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Your last line was a tad harsh, but I agree with your points about the pricing of Snowshoe (and other local resorts) versus trips out west. You can also add travel time to your argument. For many easily accessible resorts (Utah and Summit County in particular), your travel time is about the same as it is to Snowshoe.

For hard-core skiing at minimal price, you can fly to Salt Lake City for around $200, stay at a hotel in the city for under $40 per person per nite, rent a cheap car (don't need 4wd since there are plenty of shuttles) and ski Alta or Snowbasin for around $35 per day. That's pretty amazing when you think about it.

November 21, 2000
thanks for the comment. some other points I left out, but should be noted. A) I do like snowshoe overall. B)I have voiced the same complaints to them via comment cards at the resort as well as the web page. Just wanted to see if anyone else noticed this disturbing price escalation.

I realize Intrawest needs to see a return on its investment, but I think that it needs to be proportional to the visitors' experience. Yes, they've done alot, but I agree w/ the other comments in this forum about the need for new trails to match the lodging/dining improvements. The Western Territory expansion was good, but let's face it...most people that go to snowshoe don't even know that's there, & its not the kind of terrain that will pull alot of traffic from the other areas due to its difficulty.

All said, I think most of us realize snowshoe is a work in progress. I'm mainly complaining about them acting like a Vail without being like one. Just for giggles, here's some more of my suggestions. Discuss, I'm a little verklempt right now:

1) more pool tables
2) expanded night skiing/riding @ SC
3) a nightclub like the conn w/o bands & cover charge (all dj, perhaps)
4) a 24/7 diner
5) better snow grooming
6) reduced snow blowing during day (at least in tight/blind corners)
7) forest terrain
8) replace all non-high speed quad lifts
9) a brewpub

I'm sure some of these are already planned...some of my previous ideas were an 800 phone number & online reservations.

January 17, 2001
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The Prices are crazy...but i think they have to be that high with all the snow they make intawest is trying to get money back for all there investments but they really need to expland the place 2!!!
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