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February 22, 2000
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Talk about wild weather!!! Thunderstorms, Fog, Snow, Flooding, and Ice....WOW!! But it didn't stop us from having a great time in the valley this weekend. Let me start off with the locals in Canaan Valley, my friends had a flat tire on Saturday morning and the folks at Canaan Auto (right off RT 32)fixed it fast and at no charge. We stayed at Black Bear Resort(5 miles from the slopes). Nice accomodations, 1 bedroom (beds w/ flannel sheets)with loft, fireplace, full kitchen, jacuzzi tub in bathroom. For you pet owners, they do take pets for a small fee ($35). We did have a little trouble with the jacuzzi tub, but ressort management took 10% off the final bill with no hassle.

Now about the slopes, Saturday morning at Canaan Valley proved to be a little sloppy due to the rain, but being a 1st year boarder I didn't mind the conditions. The fog was incredible, riding the lifts to the top, you could only see the first two chairs. Riding down the slopes in fog 10 to 20 feet of visibility. By 2pm the cold weather had moved in and I found the slopes to be too icy for my ability. Saturday evening found us at Timberline pub with a dj, met a lot of very nice people. Sunday we tried Timberline. I was not impressed with the long lines and icy conditions. Monday we went back to Canaan Valley, this was the best conditions of the weekend. The slopes were groomed very well, the lift lines were very short. And if you stayed until after 2pm, you would have found complete top to bottom runs with nobody else in sight. The slopes stayed in great conditions all day!!!

On a scale of one to ten, this weekend was a high seven mostly b/c of the weather early in the weekend and the mistake of going to Timberline on Saturday!!!

Would love to hear other opinions!!

February 23, 2000
My husband and I will be in Canaan Valley March 4-10. Can you give me any info. on restaurants, nightlife, etc. This is our first trip and don't want to spend the week trying to figure out what we should have been doing all along.
February 23, 2000
The Golden Anchor is a great place to eat. My husband and I first went about 5 years ago right after I taught him how to ski. Now every time we go dowm (I'm near the new Laurel Mt. Resort, Seven Springs and Hidden Valley) that's we go first for a great dinner. Have Fun ;')
February 23, 2000
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As far as food goes in the Valley, try Siriani's at Deerfield Village for subs, pasta, great pizza, excellent desserts, and cold beer. White Grass also serves up a mighty tasty menu Friday and Saturday night. Check their website for details on the menu, seating times, and cost.
February 25, 2000
Went to Canaan Valley Pres. day weekend (2/18 - 2/21) and like snbdr said the skiing conditions on sat were terrible! It had rained all Friday nite, and Sat was icy with patches of granular snow and the visibility was next to nothing. Sunday was better, the weather had turned cold and we got a light coating of snow. Monday the conditions were great! we decided to try Timberline instead of Canaan and it was wonderful. No lines at the lifts, beautiful weather, groomed runs - a perfect day!
March 1, 2000
We stayed at Timberline 2/25 - 2/28. The best meal we had was at Tucker's and it was great. Skiing in warm sunny weather was strange but most trails stayed skiiable all day. There was a lot of brown stuff out there but you could mush trough it. There were also some sinkholes where the snow was melted underneath & caving in which, for a beginning skiier, was a scary concept - especially when I heard that somebody was badly injured skiing over a sinkhole which was undiscovered and not marked. The resort staff was very nice. I got lost and stranded during night skiing on Friday and the ski patrol took me down the mountain on a snowmobile. I also took a lesson Saturday and had a wonderful instructor. It was a good experience but we skiied Snowshoe on Monday and conditions were much better.

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