Lookin for ski resort between NY and DC
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February 21, 2000
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Elk Mountain, outside of Scranton, is the first thing that springs to mind. Closer to them than it is to DC but it has a decent vert and a few respectable steeps.

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February 22, 2000
Some friends from New York City and I, from DC, are looking for an affordable ski resort halfway between both cities.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



JimK - DCSki Columnist
February 22, 2000
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have heard fairly good things about elk over the years, never been there, believe they have 1000+ vertical and are not as expensive as many places. Camelback, further south in Poconos is well run with lots of lifts, but vertically challenged mtn. If you were thinking Elk, about 2 hours further north is Hunter (Huntah) Mtn in Catskills, considerably bigger than anything in Pa, good skiing on WEEKDAYS, but your NY friends may be sick of it and lift tics are pricey.

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