anybody tried the WAXLESS waxes?
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January 20, 2004
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Not sure of other brands but these teflon based and do not require ironing (melting) it on...

Tried it, like it, hate it?

Any enviro issues?


January 20, 2004
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Yup .. use to ski for Team Zardoz (now the Zardoz Renegades) on the WSI club racing circut .... we all used Zardoz not-wax. My impressions are that it really does work well, especially on wet snow. Not as good as Molecule-F floro additive, but then again it is a hell of a lot cheaper. For more Zardoz info (including using it with a waxed base like we use to do) visit
January 20, 2004
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Cool! Well first hand knowledge is always the best. I guess I was thinking about more from a rec skier standpoint. I want relative low cost, convenience, and the feel of waxed skis more or less... right now I take a rub on wax puck (TOKO) I bought at random, melt the stuff onto the bottom of an iron and apply it to my ski bottoms. I then scrap the bottom slightly with piece of flat plastic... a quick buff and that's it. I do this -- oh every two/three times I ski. I haven't a clue what wax or temp -- in fact I dont' really care! I just want something that will work reasonably well most of the time... i suppose if I *could* potentially apply a speciality wax if i knew i were going to wet or dry snow, warm/cold temps on some trip for example but i haven't gone that far...

SO -- the spray/rub on non-wax teflon seems like win...

January 20, 2004
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Rec skier standpoint: Zardoz does make the ski faster and more responsive. It does not protect from base burn and only minimally protects from contamination. It is therefore best as adjunct to whatever other wax you use.

That said, there is really almost no way to go fluoro for $less$.

I also find it extremely useful for treating XC ski bases in very wet "snow", better than some other liquid rub-ons.

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