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December 20, 2003
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Its almost impossible to find pure bump skis for the non proffesional these days,anybody have any tips on a an all mountain or freestyle ski that is really hot in the bumps as well.
December 20, 2003
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I never tried these skis, but Paul Mitchell had a bump contest here in Park City and an a lot of guys were riding Salomon Teneighty Moguls. I asked one guy about them and he said it was a great bump ski that is good for all-mountain short turn too. It is a twin-tip so you can used it as a park ski. The dimensions are 106/66/97 so you can carve it too. Here is a review from Freeskier mag...
Salomon Teneighty Mogul
This is the ski that Hannah Hardaway rode in last year's Olympics. The twin-tipped tail eases the release from turns, while giving you the freedom to take this thing into the park. The wood and fiberglass core make for snappy rebound. "I love this ski because it has the perfect shape for quick, dicey turns in the bumps," says Hannah. "It's lightweight for throwing snappy maneuvers in the air, and it's easy to flex, allowing even lighter skiers to get great response from the ski with minimal effort."

December 21, 2003
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Crush is spot on: mid or low-60's waist, not too stiff, with a narrow or turned-up tail.

Elan Comprex Ultimate M. Yeah, Ok, they're 20years old if a day. The knees are more.

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