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December 12, 2003
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The thread about best goggles for over glasses brought up an interesting point.

I'd like to know what colors everyone uses for their goggles.

I have 3 pair. A pair of Bolle's with a vermillion lense for daytime flat-light conditions (when it's actually snowing).

Another pair is a pair of Smith with clear lenses for night time skiing.

My local shop rep also talked me into a pair of Smith's with a special Green lense developed just for night skiing.

My personal favorites are the vermillion for flat-light & the clear's for night. I must say though that the Smith's with the green lense does work quite well - I think the clear is the best at night.

What does everyone else think?


December 12, 2003
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My wife uses the vermillion, but I prefer amber for flat light. For very cold sunny days I have a pair of gray mirrored goggles. For not so cold sunny days, Rx sunglasses.
December 13, 2003
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I have a pair of Oakley's with amber lens and a cheap pair of Smith with amber lens. The Oakley ones are old but still really excellent. After putting them on give them about 2 minutes and the amber tinge goes away. It doesnt on the Smith ones. I don't really like riding at night too cold and too hard to really make out terrain but any time I have I've gone goggleless.

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