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January 17, 2003
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As with many others, I have been skiing for over 30 years on the long boards (Olins 185's) and am ready to make a change. I have the opportunity to get a pair of Volkl Carver V2 2020's for a fraction of the cost. They are 163's.

I am a 44 yo female...5'7 180...I am an expert skier (grew up in the Alps), who unfortunately has had 2 knee operations and the doctor said, NO moguls!! No Falling !!
So, it appears that I will only be able to do nice, sedate carving....I live on the East coast so its only packed groomed stuff...

Will these Volkls be okay or will they be too wimpy.

January 17, 2003
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Why don't you try to demo the skis before you buy? Then if they turn out to be too 'wimpy' for you, you haven't wasted the money.
I have Volkl Carver 20/20 and I love them but then again I am only an intermediate skier and what seems a dynamite ski to me might not do for you. BTW .. reviews on that ski are particular glowing.
January 17, 2003
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180 lbs is in the middle of the men's wt. range. Matching the flex of the ski to the skier's wt. is impt under all conditions, and especially so on softer snow. Between this issue and your ability, I would suggest you look only at men's / unisex skis.

IMHO, while I have no personal experience with the v2 20/20, knowing what market it targets, I think its very likely that it will be too wimpy for you.

Good luck in your quest.

Tom / PM

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