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JimK - DCSki Columnist
March 19, 2002
Member since 01/14/2004 🔗
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I know you hate to admit it, but we're reaching the close of another entertaining ski season on DCSki. Great job Scott. The site is more robust than ever. Very nice increase in article submissions from the readership too.
March 19, 2002
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I agree with Jimk, I found DCSki this year and it has provided some great information about resorts, lodging and everything about skiing and boarding worth talking about. Looking forward to a better season next year.

Maybe its time to buy a mountain board.

johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
March 19, 2002
Member since 07/18/2001 🔗
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This is probably the best local ski web on the net. Thanks Scott for all your hard work and thanks to everyone who wrote articles and Firsthands.

I dread the warm months but they will soon be here.

John Sherwood

March 19, 2002
I agree that the website is a great "one-stop" site for mid-atlantic ski information. What I find most useful is this message board. Unlike the boards I use for other outdoor sports, not many folks post local trip outings. Whether they be day trips or weekend stuff, carpooling saves gas and is a great opportunity to meet other area skiers (particularly since many of us head out to the same resorts). Any heck, thanks Scott!
Scott - DCSki Editor
March 20, 2002
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Hey, thanks for the nice feedback! It's been great watching DCSki grow, and the best is yet to come. And I must say - DCSki's readers are the best. I am continually amazed by the enthusiasm, professionalism, and eagerness to help that DCSki readers show.

I must also give a big round of thanks to all of those that submitted articles and guest columns this past winter. John Sherwood has been a prolific author with dozens of great articles - he's a real authority on Mid-Atlantic skiing and a great writer, too. Jim Kenney has continued to provide his thoughtful and reflective commentary on skiing in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. And firsthand trip reports and photos have brought us to slopes near and far, even if only vicariously. Thanks to Robert Allen, John Phillips, Matthew Graham, Roy Stevenson, Jim Chen, Kevin Rice, Jarrett Baker, Mark Gatlin, Albert Marsh, and Joe M. for providing great stories this season. (Hopefully I'm not forgetting anyone!) It certainly is refreshing to see some voices besides my own. Thanks also to everyone who contributed to the discussions on the Message Forum.

And finally, while I'm passing thanks around (consider this my "Oscar speech"), I must also highlight DCSki's advertisers who make the site possible. It wasn't long ago that DCSki was funded solely out of my pocket, but as the site has grown, so have its expenses. All of DCSki's sponsors are passionate about Mid-Atlantic skiing and support DCSki because they see the value in promoting a community of local skiers and boarders. So, thanks to Liberty Mountain, Ski Roundtop, Whitetail Resort, Ski Center, West Virginia Tourism, Stohlman Auto, Ski Chalet, Snowshoe Mountain Resort, WV Outdoors Magazine, and Canaan Realty. They're all local companies, and please be sure to thank them for supporting DCSki when you do business with them.

DCSki will still be here this summer, covering outdoor activities such as mountain biking and hiking. I look forward to continued interaction with all of you.

Thanks again!

- Scott

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