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January 21, 2004
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My friend is interest in snowboarding instruction. She is an intermediate boarder (i.e. non-beginner) that wishes to improve on her carving mainly. Any instructors recommedations? Closer to DC is better.


January 28, 2004
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I don't have any recommendations. Of course, that would change if I was instructing this year... seldom do summer plans actuall go through.
January 28, 2004
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Why do I get the impression that no one wanted to admit to taking lesson?! ;-)
January 28, 2004
It depends on what your friend defines as carving. The mid Atlantic is not the carving capital and getting good instruction will be hard to find. If she rides the typical free style board and soft boots that 95% of the riders ride, she should be able to find instruction at WT OR LIB. The instructors should be able to get her up on edge, the key is getting aggressive with her binding angles, stiffer boots, boards and the big one, trust her board, let the board carve. It works better, if she works up to higher angles, 25, 35, 45.......60 If she plans on going to the next level of carving, then here are some sites to check.

www.alpinecarving.com Do you still need info on carving???

www.eces.us/ Some of the gods of carving attend this event, if you want instruction this be the place to be in march. The mtn is killer also.

Bomberonline is a one stop for it all in carving

Freecarve.com is a good site.

I think a group of riders carve at WT, I think they post at freecarve.com

Read the stuff at alpinecarving and the welcome to carving section at bomberonline, this might be the best mid atlantic instruction for true carving. All fails, hook up with someone who can put it up on edge, everyone likes to be an instructor. Just ask.

January 29, 2004
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Thanks for info! In fact they echo my comments to her minus the actual specifics on settings. From my eye, I think she carves pretty good in one direction, but the other she starts her carve and then rushes it a bit, resulting in little bit of sliding. I think WT might be a good place for her to start.

I've beens suggesting to her that she upgrade her equip too. She spends HOURS fiddling with her boots which are laced and those dang bindings -- I don't get this myself!

anyway, I will copy your comments and send them directly to her!


November 12, 2004
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i know it's been a while since this sopic was current, but
there has been an attempt to create a website for this purpose.


it's just a matter of time before more instructors find the benefit of putting up thier info on this site.


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