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January 8, 2004
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Anybody know of the closest mountain with a decent park? I'm not looking for much, just some quality table tops, and maybe some rails. I figure a half-pipe maybe too much to ask. Just moved down here from New England, and I knew my skiing would take a hit, but there's got to be something. Let me know. Thanks.
January 8, 2004
Massanutten does a lot with a little in there park. Its not very big, but they squeeze a ton of jumps and jibs in there which are all built well. On the weekends it gets pretty crowded. Snowshoe usually has the best park, especially now that they have 2.
January 8, 2004
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Snowshoe's your best option. Right now they have set-up:

20' gap to flat rail on a table
12 set w/ ledges
20 foot flat-down with a 5 ft gap leading up to it
HUGE Rainbow (box-like)
Smaller Rainbox
Small Battleship
40' Battleship (that's welded crooked)
10' flat-down rail
3 10' flat rails
15' flat rail

The scene is pretty ill in the park. Silver Creek doesn't have as many features, but they do have a big rainbow, 2 long down rails, and a mailbox.

January 9, 2004
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If the cold keeps up we should have some pipes going soonish. I don't know what you're used to but be prepared for chopped ice walls. Actually has anyone here ever ridden a pipe locally that was fresh cut? How does it feel? Is it anything like in my dreams. Anyway as for parks Snowshoe is your best bet but it's a haul. Haven't seen Liberty or Whitetail's parks yet. They're okay usually. Nothing to write home about.
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