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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
December 14, 2003
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Thanks again for the DCSki site, I am on it far too often, but enjoy reading the comments.
I also have a request for links, or more obvious links. For example, why not the official web site resort link at the beginning of the writeup on the resort, rather than at the is easy to skip over when searching. Better yet, why not a choice when one clicks on the map and resort number to either go to the DCSki site or the official resort web site.
And, I too, can not find a click link to the DCSki web site home page when I am looking at the message folder.
If you need another reporter, let me know. I manage to get out 15-20 times per year, mostly local. Be glad to write up my experiences if you so desire.
I call myself The Colonel..."Colonel" is my nickname. I am a retired government employee, now a contractor consultant...62 years young.
Take care, and thanks again.

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