Where'd you get my picture?!?
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January 9, 2002
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Hey Scott - the photo on the Canaan page (in resort finder) is of me. I think it was from two seasons ago, but it's definitely of me. Small world.

Does this entitle me to any sort of monetary reward? I do, by the way, charge for photo licensing (just kidding).

January 9, 2002
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you mean the guy w/ his back to the picture in blue and black jacket?
wow small world if it is you..

You mean ya didnt hear the "click click, flash" behind you?

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Scott - DCSki Editor
January 9, 2002
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Hi Gill,

Hmm.. All I can say is that the photo on the Canaan profile page was provided by Canaan Valley Resort - I believe it was one of their standard marketing photos they send to members of the media. So you'll have to take up payment with them. (Maybe a free lift ticket?)

- Scott

January 11, 2002
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ski_guy_59 - Yep! That's the one. I was shocked when I saw it! Small world indeed.

Scott- I'll have to see what I can do for compensation from Canaan (heh, heh).

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