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November 16, 2001
Scott-I read your website a lot during the winter for Ski info in the area and great discussions and such. But my roommates, 2 other girls have a burning question for you: Are you single? :-)
November 17, 2001
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Scott, if I may....

Scott is way too busy to have a social life. However, he's glad that you enjoy the site.

No need to thank me Scott!

Scott - DCSki Editor
November 18, 2001
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(Hmm, it looks like I may have to add a "Personals" section to the DCSki Message Forum!)

Yes, I am single, and <sigh> no, I don't seem to have much time for a social life (or sleep or much of anything else).

I am somewhat flattered though.

- Scott (the swinging bachelor)

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