First hand report for march 10-11 by jim kelly
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March 28, 2001
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In Jim Kellys first hand report he says
"Blaine mentioned that since the opening of all 57 trails well before Christmas, Snowshoe has not had a single closure due to inadequate snow cover. No wonder I saw a lot of smiling faces -- three straight months with "all terrain open"
Thats a false statement i know for a fact that snowshoe has closed trails due to inaduqaute snow cover and for extensive snowmaking...the 2 i remember are knot bumper and knot bumper glades but i recall there being others.....(knot bumper REALLY need it)........

They need to keep better reconds then cuz thats pretty much a lie....(it was close for more than 2 days i remember.....

Just wanted to let u guys know
(btw this was back at least a mouth or so ago its not do to late season this was in prime season)
Just wanted to let u know

Nothing against Jim i know that he dident know but i think that snowshoe people should get there facts right cuz thats not cool..... claimen something that dident happen


Scott - DCSki Editor
March 28, 2001
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Hi AirHawk,

I think Snowshoe's point was that they weren't forced to close any trails this year due to warm spells, as has happened in the past. Snowshoe did periodically close a trail or two for aggressive snowmaking, but it was probably more of a convenience to skiers than anything. (Would you rather have snowguns going on all trails, or have them take one or two trails out every now and then to concentrate snowmaking on those trails?) People have complained about aggressive snowmaking in the past,so I think that's a better strategy. I hate skiing when snowmaking is going on. Also, Snowshoe was able to limit snowmaking almost entirely to night this year, after the lifts shut down.

I think the main point was that conditoins were consistently good throughout the season, that Snowshoe was never forced to close a trail due to lack of cover. That was true for many resorts this year, thanks to plenty of cold temps early on.

- Scott

lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
March 29, 2001
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Having been at Snowshoe over 30 ski days this year, I can attest that they have not had a lack of cover on their slopes. This year, nature has blessed them with the best ski conditions.

On Scott's statement about closing slopes, I am one of those who would rather see a trail closed down temporarily, than having the ignominy (as well as the lack of safety and consideration) of snow makers blowing snow onto people's faces.

The new snowmaking "policy" is consonant with the growing image of Snowshoe as an upscale place. In addition, I've seen better grooming and more Deer Valley-like "corduroy" conditions. The new Allegheny Springs Lodge will even have concierge services. I celebrate that. It is a large market base long waiting to be tapped.


March 29, 2001
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I agree with ur state Ibotta but the fact that they say they havent closed any trails when they have is what pisses me off...Also knot bumper really needed it the half the trail dident have snow on it..................I dident even bother going down it... it looked so bad....
JimK - DCSki Columnist
March 30, 2001
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Hi Air, glad you got to checkout my Snowshoe piece. You kind of caught me on the trail closure thing, but Scott did a nice job of bailing me out. For the record, the Snowshoe people never told me "all terrain open for 3 straight months". That was my slightly overstated take on their claim that once they had all slopes open, they never had a trail closure due to no snow cover. Obviously by your testimony, they didn't have all terrain open for 3 staight mos, but neither did any of their slopes degrade during that time to totally impassable shape. Does that explain the situation? The snowshoe guys I talked to out there expressed a sincere intent to provide accurate conditions reports to their customers. BTW I think it is becoming more pronounced every year that Snowshoe has regional supremacy in the "good snow conditions" department (esp Springtime). lbotta would probably atest to that.
March 31, 2001
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I attest that...they have very good if not exalent snow coverage...they close way to early.....they have so much snow left when they close why cant they stay open.,..i guess 2 much overhead..snowshoe makes most there money offa lodgeing and they have so much staff etc i guess they cant keep open.........unless they have a centain percentage of people at lodgeing where at places like timberline 7springs dont have so much overhead..........but have allmost as good as conditions....sigh...i wish they would stay open longer but while they do its still great.....btw knot bumper glades i thought impassable at 1 time..

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