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February 27, 2001
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scott i have noticed the following porlblems for the condions (the homestead is no longer a resort that offers skien iw as wondering why it still listed....... in pensalvania Alpine Mountain is showing more runs and lifts open than there have 21/20 trais and 5/3 lifts.... so is Jack front they are showing 27/25 trails open 7 springs says 20 trails open but they only have 27 if u go to there page it says 30 but the last 4 trailst ehy list have a little (closed) next to them (it might be something with the resort and do u know why they have never reported haven there 31 trail open all year???

just some comments suggestions and questions


Scott - DCSki Editor
March 5, 2001
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Hi Air!

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be updating the Homestead profile this summer. I corrected the trail counts for Alpine Mountain and Jack Frost, so those should be correct now. I've also noticed that Seven Springs has never had 31 trails open, just 30 - their official trail count is 31, so I'm not sure what that's about. Anyone know?


- Scott

March 5, 2001
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yea i noticed that abotu 7springs is that something with them or one of there tails all there trails say open but they only show 30 open....... they allway show 30 open really if there are only 25 open i have noticed...u gota scrool down there list of open trails to really find out....
March 6, 2001
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Just came back from 5 days there and noticed that all the glade skiing areas were closed. I don't know if these are included in their official trail count. In addition, a couple of minor connecting trails were also closed which could affect the counts also. All other major trails and slopes were in fact open and in good shape, including their (2) terrain parks.

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