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Scott - DCSki Editor
January 2, 2001
Member since 10/10/1999 🔗
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Hi folks,

Hope you all had a good holiday.

You may or may not have noticed that DCSki page loads had gotten a little slow (as long as 6-11 seconds per page, assuming a high-bandwidth internet connection). I started noticing this a couple days ago, and suspect it had gradually been growing worse and worse over the past couple months. (Which brings to mind the old story of how you boil a frog - just heat it slowly and it won't notice the temperature changes.)

I did some testing to narrow down the problem and ultimately rebooted my server (which had gone non-stop for much of the past year). That seems to have cleaned up the database a bit and page loads are now a lot faster (2-4 seconds, on average, for those of you with high-speed connections.)

If the site seems to get slow again, please let me know! I guess it's good to reboot the ol' server every once and awhile.


- Scott

Scott - DCSki Editor
January 5, 2001
Member since 10/10/1999 🔗
1,251 posts
Hi again,

I just had the memory on DCSki's server upgraded, which has resulted in a noticeable speed gain. For me, at least, all pages are loading near instantaneously. Hopefully this should do the trick.

DCSki has been averaging between 10,000-13,000 hits a day, well over twice last season's average. Moving to a dedicated server was a good thing!

- Scott

January 17, 2001
Member since 12/27/2000 🔗
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seems pretty fast to me fast that alot of pages out there good job scott..

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