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January 24, 2010
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We'll publish a new trail guide that is coming out in April - yeah, just couple more months (while we are still enjoying the snow). It will be the first trail guide made public in the last 9 years for Canaan Valley and surroundings.

We are looking for your feedback here.

Option #1:
A book, containing 35+ trails.
Detailed route on one side, details of the trail on the other page with standard info. All black and white, as you would have it.
Will probably retail for about $28.00

Option #2:
A magazine, containing 35+ trails.
Details route on one side (high details and in color), and details of the trail information on the other page with standard info. The entire magazine-style trail guide will be in a glossy format, and in color.
Will probably retail for about $12.00

What are your thoughts?

This will be released by Voilà Interactive Concepts.
January 26, 2010
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Hm... I'd personally be more likely to go for the cheaper route. Would both books contain the same material?

It'd also be cool if you could offer a digital version of the book - that way you could print out the routes and take them on the ride with you.
January 26, 2010
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Same material - just "unconvetional" if we go with the magazine for an intense area trail guide. The +, it's about the colors, and the price.
The magazine will provide a digital membership too - with the latest rides, plus interactive photos. Here's an example at Timberline:
January 27, 2010
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there are way too many trails and ride options in davis/canaan/etc with state parks, national forest, old strip mines, rail grades, private entities, etc to make a trail guide publication.

I think it would be much better to just hire me as a guide for the cost of a beer and burrito smile
January 28, 2010
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CHAGAAAAAA. Don't do it man.
Last time I followed you, we were so lost.
First trail guide on paper and it's YOURS - free.
<all smiles>
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