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January 22, 2010
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...had dinner at the new Siriannis in the Valley last night...should be a great local hangout,great to see them back in the valley!..also was BS'n with someone from the refuge and they were tellin' us about the bike/walk/horse(possibly) trail that will break ground in April---the new trail will connect Davis(out by the swingin' bridge) to Canaan state park by traveling behind Cortland through refuge and crossing 32 by the refuge office(and the new Siriannis) then going over to the state will eventually then loop back up to Davis on the ridge behind the state park...I knew this was in the works but didn't know they were breaking ground in april!!!This has been needed for a long time and will provide killer scenery...a new bar is also open above Deerfield and is recommendable...the same owners said they were going to be opeining a Cajun restaurant there as was supposed to open Jan 15 so on Canaan Valley time it will be open in a month or two grin
January 22, 2010
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I've been waiting for a good chinese or a decent mexican restaurant. Hey why not a one that has actual American Crusine? On the other hand, it's good that Siris has returned. I missed them in the valley.
January 22, 2010
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Darnit, Tucker beat me to the new Sirianis!

I hope that trail gets goin soon. You must've ran into johnathan schaffler the refuge manager since there was just a heart of the highlands meeting about it last night. He wants the trail, which is very good smile Apparently it is not all up to him tho, ken sturm the refuge biologist has issues with where the trail is proposed and wants to re-route on some non refuge property. There will be a comment period soon on it tho that enough voices could make a difference in where the trail ends up. The refuge also wants to put a bridge across the river a little north of the old timberline road bridge sometime soon think.
January 23, 2010
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Congrats Sirianni's!
Speaking of trails...Something else that may add to the area: Voilà Interactive Concepts will be publishing a trail guide book, primarily geared towards bikers. It goes to print early April, and becomes available at Blackwater Bikes first on or around April 15th 2010.
We'll keep you posted.
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