Sprint Cell service now live in Wardensville
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January 21, 2010
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I thought I would take a moment to post that the cell tower installed just east of Wardensville on Anderson's Ridge has been activated as of January 1. This tower can be seen driving into Wardnesville by looking to your left behind the Dollar General Store and Ka-Kapon Restraunt.

This tower is *ONLY* servicing all sprint customers currently and some U.S. Cellular customers. Many U.S. Cellular customers have reported no bars/access when standing in plain view of the tower while others can receive service miles away. At this time, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and other carriers are *NOT* able to receive cell service through this tower.

When heading to CV from NoVA, cell service will begin immediately after cresting the top of 55 at the WV line and service will be maintained nearly to Moorefield with a possible drop due to the mountains. Service extends north on WV-259 approximately to Yellow Spring which is just 3 miles south of HighView where normal cell service ends giving almost full coverage when driving south from US Rt 50.

There is also a second tower installed beside Corridor-H between Pine Ridge Road and the McCauley Bridges. This tower was built and activated at the same time as the Wardensville tower. When driving west you can see this tower from several miles away with it's blinking red beacons at night. Just as with the Wardensville tower, this tower ONLY services Sprint and certain US Cellular customers.

Also with the new towers having been installed, Sprint is renting space in the old Wardensville school house (owned by the town hall) to place a Sprint Store. This store should be open sometime in the very near future.

So for those of you who have Sprint or US Cellular service, this will give you near complete coverage from NoVA to Petersburg with a rare few drops.
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