WV Public Radio News reports on Lost River dams.
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July 7, 2004
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Hey all,

I would like to let everyone know that reporter Emily Hughes has reported on a story for the WV Public Radio/Broadcasting network about the 5 dams (2 completed, 1 constructing, 2 proposed) within a 15 mile radius in Lost River. This is the subject I have written on before regarding the Hardy County Commission & the Potomac Valley Soil Conservation District trying to iniate building dams that the local majority fiercly opposes.

I have contacted Emily regarding two discrepencies in her report. First is that Emily quoted Ed Kesecker who 'assumed' that 125 acres would be condemed to build this dam for flood control purposes and recreational purposes. This is far below Ed Keseckers own public admission on numerous occasions at public meetings of of 225-265 acres being required for condemnation and no less.

Secondly is that 16.5 million dollar of federal tax money is being allocated to study and develop a plan of action to build this dam which is estimated to top $30 million in federal tax dollars. YOUR tax dollars, not just our local or state dollars. Lastly is that in 1985 when we experienced the 500 year flood only $400,000 of damage was reported in the Lost River Valley with 0 lives lost. As you all know Moorefield suffered the worst devistation in the SouthFork river watershed area.

The estimated cost of 5 dams blocking tributaries of the Lost river would cost well over $60 million dollars and brings into questions regarding personal gain reasons for county politicians by condeming land and building these dams. I urge everyone to visit the two websites below.

Emily Hughes Article - http://www.wvptv.org/radio/newsroom/default.asp

The SaveLostRiver website - www.savelostriver.org

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