January Thaw Days Aren't Too Bad (In Small Doses)
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January 19, 2010
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Bashed 4.5 hours early in the day at Whitetail on MLK holiday. Highs around 50? and mostly sunny. Early AM snow was pretty sweet, bumps were soft and not too slushy all day.

Leave early to run some errands on the way back home. Had to at least attempt to get something done.

Arrive at Casa de JohnL. Still sunny/warm enough to dig out the beach chair for an hour or so of front yard sunning and cold drink refreshing. Sunglasses and wave to walkers mandatory.

Not bad in small doses.
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January 19, 2010
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MLK Monday on the Laurel Ridge was foggy and no sun until late afternoon. The Surface at HV held pretty well, even some cover left in the new Cobra Glade. I coulda gone today but more fog and freezing drizzle didn't appeal.
January 20, 2010
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Been working in shorts & T-shirts the last couple of Days....Building up the Jones again!
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