Boys night out in the Canaan Valley
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January 14, 2010
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It's an annual trip with a bunch of old friends to the Canaan Valley. My friend Al owns several condos at the base of Timberline and invites a bunch of us to join him in the slack week before they are all rented out for the big MLK weekend. The amazing mid Atlantic winter continues and we had a great time. Only males were there on Sun., Mon. and Tues. during the day. We skied both TL and CV and everything was in great shape. Everyone brought food and drink for say 10 people for 2 days. There were 5 of us. We ate like kings. We ate like men. Ever have beer pancakes for breakfast? You replace all the liquid in the recipe with beer. I recommend a hearty stout. They go great with venison sausage. Of course there was an ample supply of beer & wine for apres ski as well and much raunchy humor and kidding. I seldom ski with a posse and enjoyed it immensely. On Tues. evening some of our favorite ladies showed up so things got a little more restrained. I left very early on Wed. morning which is another tale in itself.
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