Fish/Langley MLK Weekend Weather at Shoe and WV
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January 14, 2010
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OK, Fish, you and Langley have not given us your interpretation of what the weather will be from the 15-20 Jan at Snowshoe and Canaan.
I know it is tricky, whether there will be some wrap-around snow after the underdeveloped snow, but what is your best prognostication and please give timelines.
We all want to know.
Thank you,
The Colonel smile
January 14, 2010
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I'm sitting here in North Tampa (Spring hill..Tarzan Springs)trying to catch a buzz on Busch Beer (Sale) Thinking about my Nordic adventures of the past few weeks in sub zero(Andyrondacks) to maybe about 10 the bottom of Canaan valley ski area..all the while enjoying this low 70 weather that feels like mid summer to me now..& I'm still watching the WV Alpps weather crazy..
Where does the L-Ski Go??..He hits & runs all the time..Mystery Lad!...Been watching MLK weekend for awhile now & at last post about it over a week ago it looked like the storm track was faverable for the Alpps..The track is still right except unfortunately the cold branch of the stream has run back north so there is no cold air to work with...Fri & Sat should be good though with any precip light & maybe freezy..Snow getting harder & faster?..Watch your injuries Colonel!..Sunday doesn't look too good unless you have some good rain gear (Snow on slopes will be fast I'm thinking with mid 30's)..Sun aft could see the temps going colder again but i don't see too much excitement for the backside since the cold air is not under too much pressure to push back in..hope I'm wrong..I gotta go wee..see ya!
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