FYI: Crested Butte Land Grab
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July 5, 2004
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Ski-area sale triggers boom in Crested Butte

Real estate values soar as homes move at a record pace,1413,36~33~2253086,00.html
July 6, 2004
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Big, big change for Crested Butte. I've never been there, but most articles about it have stressed that it's a relatively quiet ski town with a very close-knit community. I've heard it's in a beautiful and unspoiled (for now) area. Lots of top mountain bikers live there. It will be interesting to see how the different communities interact.

I'm a bit surprised at the real estate run-up since CB is tough to get to; I don't think there are any major airports nearby. Look for that to change if the resort takes off.

CB receives decent, but not outstanding, snowfall by Colorado standards.

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