Great Snow Now...but what about MLK weekend?
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January 6, 2010
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Langley and Fish,
What is in the cards for WV for the big three day weekend, Jan 15-18?
The Colonel smile
January 7, 2010
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The Mysterious Langley!..Like a quarter horse or something..Fast & strong for the short haul..then peters out & dissapears. Maybe his Professers grabbed him by the ear & yanked him back in the classroom after the X-mass break of Skiing or something laugh..
Looking back at the last 3 GFS model runs, they show a strong Storm with a Wet to Frozen type of scenerio for MLK..still early but I think you just started a Storm watch Colonel!

PS..Now I'll miss my Morn late to work because I'll be buried in the Computer trying to figure it out..Thanks wife thanks you too..& my dogs who need a morn walk crazy laugh
January 8, 2010
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Any updates on this? I've seen one forecast (OK, on accuweather...) that said RAIN for MLKJ weekend. This is very depressing, but I'm counting on accuweather being wrong!
January 8, 2010
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I'm still seeing a storm blowing up Sat eve & as always it depends on the track it takes for who gets snow or rain, but the latest model run puts the high western areas (Snowshoe up thru Canaan & into the 7springs/Blue knob areas) in the favorable zone for Snow...stay tuned!
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