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January 6, 2010
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I will be heading out to the Valley on Monday (work and family obligations will prevent me from getting there before that). What's the better bet for getting some untracked - Timberline or CV? Latest NWS forecast calls for the snow to end on Saturday, and I just know that all you powder hounds are going to devour it all over the weekend...
January 6, 2010
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...conditions will be great everywhere...if the weather does what they say it is going to do then you will have to go to whitegrass and earn some fresh turns on Monday...there might be a couple sloppy seconds at canaan...i will personally make sure all powder is destroyed by monday at t-line grin ..."seek and destroy"..."seek and destroy"..."seek and destroy"...if the forecast turns you could be golden or stay for a week or so and you will get some lift service fresh...
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