XC skiing in western NY
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January 6, 2010
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I am in Rochester visiting my sister and brother in law. Yesterday I enjoyed a beautiful ski at Mendon Ponds Park.
It was about 20 deg. and snowing light fluffy lake effect snow, for about the 7th day in a row. This stuff will fall all day and pile up maybe 2". You can pick up a handfull and blow it away like dandelion seeds. The seasons earlier snows have made a nice firm but not icy base below. It was just about perfect. I rented stuff. My stuff is all too old and too heavy for XC kick & glide. The newer waxless skis are really very nice. I did a couple of loops around the water tower area and then a loop around the hundred acre pond. Also skied out on the pond and visited with some ice fishermen.
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