Massanutten expands ski school
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marzNC - DCSki Supporter 
December 29, 2009
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Mnut expanded the ski school area by using the bottom of Geronimo where the old Lift 3 loaded. There is a second magic carpet. So the Slope Sliders kid program has it's own and the beginners of all ages taking the 1-hr group lessons have another one, which looks a little longer. Added new weekly clinics for intermediates, one for Ladies and another for "Silver Seniors" (over 50).

ski school area, new Magic Carpet on right behind flags

old Magic Carpet on left near ski lodge (a couple days before flags were put up)

Marz Jr. learned to ski from Slope Sliders. She started doing the group 90 min clinic once she was old enough at age 7. I've been quite happy with all her instructors in the last five years. On less busy days, she can end up with a private or semi-private lesson since few intermediates do a clinic. Her instructor last week is a woman who also works with the Mnut ski team.

The top of Geronimo goes up farther by perhaps 75 yards. Allows for a flatter start. More importantly, the cross over to Lift 5 and Southern Comfort has enough slope to that no poling/skating is needed. For non-skiing parents, they can see a lot more of Geronimo from the ski lodge because trees were taken down to put in the new lift.

The beginner park is now on the skier's right of the lower part of Geronimo. Has more slope than the old location, but no dedicated lift. One boy who is local said he liked the old location better because it was wider. But Marz Jr. and I had fun on the table top jumps. Taking the lift up instead of a J-bar makes it of more interest to me.
marzNC - DCSki Supporter 
December 30, 2009
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Found a video of loading for the conveyor lift. Just not that obvious that when sliding on skis, you pretty much stop as soon as the skis are completely on the rubber.

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