Post-Storm at Wintergreen
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December 26, 2009
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Spent Tuesday through Thursday at Wintergreen this week, and enjoyed the most scenic views and tranquility I've ever experienced at WTG since I began skiing there two years ago.

As expected, the roads leading up to WTG Tuesday night were all cleared. However, some of the parking lots down diamond hill drive were still snow-covered.

Went out early Wednesday morning and skied from 9am to 5:30pm w/ two breaks. With the new 8hr and 4hr flex tickets, WTG gives their customers an extra 30 Minutes of skiing, so 8.5hrs or 4.5hrs respectively. Their website says this is to allow people who need rentals, an extra 30 minutes to gather their rental equipment and get to the slopes. However, if you don't need rental equipment, you still get the extra 30 min. printed on your lift ticket (mine said 9am-5:30am for an 8hr flex), and therefore, providing extra time to ski! This was much appreciated & a surprise, since many ski resorts (including WTG) try to nickel & dime us. Unfortunately, with this perk, there are trade-offs (i.e., the new rule that guests or extended family of WPI members cannot ski one hour early at 8am w/ their respective WPI members).

With regards to the slopes, the snow was great (especially on Cliffhanger & Eagle Swoop), except there were a few sticks here and there that stuck out. Unfortunately, my left ski got a little mangled, thus probably requiring a wax job before I go out next (hopefully over New Year's!). Upper Turkey, Cross-cut (only defined as a trail by WTG), Big Acorn, Outer Limits, & the advanced terrain park were closed. But all of these trails were receiving snow blowing wednesday till about noon, and were looking great! With how everything looked, and the return to snow-making conditions tomorrow, everything should be open by next weekend (hopefully).

Lift lines were not too bad, except for late in the day at the bottom of diamond hill & dobie. Wednesday was one of the rare occasions when the Big Acorn lift was running fast, and w/o any big lines. I suppose the congestion at the bottom of dobie and diamond hill was due to early season beginners?

Overall, it was a great pre-Christmas skiing experience.
December 26, 2009
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Nice report Badger...if you get up to WTG often drop me a line. Maybe we can hook up for a few runs.
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