3 Days at WTG
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December 25, 2009
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Spent 3 days (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday) at WTG. All 3 were great days if different. Took advantage of night Skiing to get at least 11 hours of skiing (with a few breaks) each day.

By Thursday, everything was open except for the Outer Limits and they were putting snow down on that. Conditions varied with each trail having its own character. A few icy spots a few soft spots but once you knew what each trail was like it was golden. There was little snowmaking on open trails so that was cool for a change. We stayed until they closed the place at 8...there is something about skiing on Christmas Eve.

They have some very nice new head boards and boots that my daughter has been using. She has been working on her boarding the last 3 outings and she is picking it up fast. She has decided that whenever we go to WTG she will ride until she gets good, but she will ski everywhere else. Seems reasonable to me.

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