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December 23, 2009
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I spent weekend at snowshoe for first time in probably about 15-20 years. Was very happy. We stayed slope side in expedition (small studio), but since it was only my Son and me was fine. The place was great. Walk out front door into village center and walk out back to slopes to ski. Place had a locker room that led to the outside making it very convient. Only complaint is there is no benches. The siring was amazing because of the snowstorm and I just can't give it justice it is definitely a you had to be there type of event, so will focus on resort. Room was adequate no complaints or exceptional praise just a very solid room. We went out a couple times once to cheat mountain pizza. Very good service and food was great. I also order a WV pale ale from up Martinsburg way. It was good, but slightly sweet like a lot of small microbrewers. My son needed new snowboard boots. We went to the full tilt shop. They had basics and carried the brand/type he was currently using. They had several upgrades from previous years version that made him love them on slopes, but the real story is the exceptional service we received. Friendly and helpful. The guy brought out a couple options and talked through the pros and cons with my son. The village was very pretty, particularly at night. I highly recommend staying at village. You never need your car. Going out is a simple walk can avoid the whole shuttle thing. We also went to foxfire grill for one of our dinners. The cheese dip is worth the drive alone. Service was a little slow but we were starving and it was crowded. After we got the appetizer everything seemed fine . We went there after a long day on at snowshoe, followed by night skiing at silver creek so was ready to eat and am guessing it was more our impatience then slow service. The shuttle between village and silver creek was a little packed, but they tried to squeeze everyone in, which is fine with me. Just wish they were a little smoother in the gear transitions. Food prices were reasonable and I noticed they were advertizing a $9.99 menu choice at most restaurants so you could go out on a budget. On the day we left got up packed. Stopped at starbucks and jumped on road. Overall it was a great experience for us. Of course the fresh snow helped keep us grinning from ear to ear.

oldensign - DCSki Columnist
December 23, 2009
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Good report! I have not been to the Shoe for 10 years as well. I am looking forward to going this year!
December 23, 2009
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The place in the background of your pic, Red Rover, is a great place to grab lunch.
December 23, 2009
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Sounded like a good place. I met a guy on the lifts that was part of a singing group. apparently they were given a place to stay and free lift tickets to sing at different places. He mentioned red rover as the place they went the night before. I forgot to mention we had lunch once at the boathouse at the bottom of the slopes. more food then we could eat and wasn't too bad.
December 24, 2009
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Cupp is opening today as per their Facebook.

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