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Connie Lawn - DCSki Columnist
December 21, 2009
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Whitetail was wonderful, as usual. It was reported to be magnificant the day after the heavy snowfall, on Solstice Sunday, but we were still digging out then. Monday was not bad, however, but the open trails were hard packed, and a bit icy in spots. There was lush, deep powder in the woods and trails that were closed, but they will soon open. Bold Decision and Limelight are due to open Tuesday.
Whitetail got about 20 inches of snow Saturday. The temperature Monday was about 22 degress. Little wind, and a spectacular view of the snow covered countryside, mountains, and lakes.
Monday, the 21st, was crowded, as expected, with the government and schools closed. The lift lines were fast, and we saw no real problems when we were there. I stuck to the easier trails of Snow Dancer, Snowpark, and Sidewinder, and was not brilliant. I had trouble making the transition from the West two weeks ago. If you really want to ski well, you have to master the East first, as I have been telling myself for 45 years! Guess I will have to come back often, and keep working at it!
Whitetail should have a good Christmas week. There are still special discounts through the 23rd. After that, other deals kick in. The best one is the Mountain Passport Package for first time skiers and riders for $45. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.
December 22, 2009
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There's not just an east/west axis but a groomed/ungroomed axis... if you ski any ungroomed (and I'm not necessarily even talking 'bout jumping off into truly deep powder) -- you'll find your groomed lifestyle betrays you a bit...

it's all good...

(look a post NOT about the topic that must not be named)
December 22, 2009
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Originally Posted By: Connie Lawn

Quoted so image tags come through.
Connie Lawn - DCSki Columnist
December 22, 2009
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Thank you for helping to post the photos. We are still having trouble with this, and welcome all suggestions.
Today must be an exquisite day in our local resorts (those within a few hours of DC, Baltimore, and nearby).
Merry Christmas! Connie Lawn and Charles Sneiderman
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