Help Housing for scouts near snowshoe 1/29
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pagamony - DCSki Supporter 
December 14, 2009
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Hey guys. This is for real, I need help.

My scout troop - - needs really super mega cheap housing near Snowshoe on Jan 29 and 30. We switched to Showshoe last year and it worked out, but both of our sure-thing housing options fell through this year. I am talking real cheap basement floor sleeping bag expectations. We'll probably have about 30 - 40 people. Any help will be appreciated and rewarded. Thanks.
December 15, 2009
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You can stay in one of the Cass Railroad Company houses for about $200 dollars a night (for the houses that sleep 12).

Depending on if it is more like 30 people or 40 people, you would be looking at 2 or 3 houses, so the cost for both days would be between $800 - $1200. Not bad when you think of how many people it would be.
pagamony - DCSki Supporter 
December 16, 2009
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Thanks for the pointer! That's about double what we normally budget, but I'll call and see if I can wrangle a discount, if they are still even available. I saw those last year and looked into a couple of months ago. I now have a line on something really really cheap and if it works out I'll post about it.
Cheers, Dave
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