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June 27, 2004
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This is looking eastbound towards Wardensville at the Lost River Sinks Bridges from on top the highway. Thats an amazing curve in the bridge.

Saurkraut Run Bridges looking eastbound. These bridges are nearly complete.

A better view of the Saurkraut Run Bridges.

Piers 6-8 on the McCauley Bridges looking westbound towards Baker. After biking to the top of this bridge last month the curvature on this bridge is astounding. There is over a 3 foot rise on one side of the bridge with such a curve that you can not see the other side of the bridge when entering the other side.

Two of the main piers along side Rt 55 most visible to travelers. These are a massive 210' tall. The Clifford Hollow Bridge outside Moorefield stands in at 280' tall.

Completed piers facing east up on the hill of the McCauley Bridges.

A construction sign showing the new Pine Ridge Road. This fraction of CorridorH is open only to residents of Pine Ridge Road.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
June 29, 2004
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Thanks Brad for all these pics. I drove along I-79 from Charleston to Morgantown for the first time last year and the thing that is amazing (and expensive) about some of the WV Interstates is that because there is so much undulation in the terrain you seem to spend most of the time driving on elevated road beds or bridges and very little on the original contours of the land. Is the ultimate goal to run Corridor H from Wardensville near the VA stateline all the way to Elkins? Would that be about 100 road miles?
June 29, 2004
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Thanks greatly for the pix. I drove to Timberline for the first time this past winter via CH, and I was amazed at some of the views. (The environmentalist in me was a bit disappointed in some of the slices through the mountains but the engineer in me was impressed.) Some of the currently open stretches of CH remind me of sections of I-89 in Vermont, heading towards Stowe, Sugarbush and Mad River Glen.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
June 30, 2004
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Although's Brad's info is often more current, the official Corridor H Web site has much of the information you are looking for:

Ski and Tell

Snowcat got your tongue?

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