Claw Ski reviews?
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June 24, 2004
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Previous thread talked about Claw Skis and had the URL, . Based on the web site information they seem to be a great pair of skis, but at a price of only $475, it is priced as a mid-quality ski, notwithstanding the propaganda that goes with it...

Has anyone owned a pair or skied a pair and could shed some light on the quality and performance of Claws?
June 24, 2004
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Actually, lbotta, I hold those to be priced as an upper level ski, especially when compared to an Odyssey, though, granted, not when compared to a Phantom.

Never skied a Claw; held an older one (Y2K) in my hand once at Reliable Racing, and, well,
<minuses> the finish was very unimpressive and the binding lift/plate looked quite kludgey.
<pluses> Felt supremely damp especially for the weight- when I banged the tail on the floor I didn't even hear a proper 'thunk' let alone feel a ringing at the edges.

Not to hijack your thread or anything, but I really feel the difference between $850 MSRP and $350 closeout is Mostly MiddleMan Markup. THe folks at Clawskis shouldn't really have MMMs, and I would expect their product to rival my S:11s in performance for that price. (I am not actually objecting to MSRP here and now, just pointing out that Claw doesn't have the excuses for cost Atomic does)

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