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November 17, 2009
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6 Feet?!!!!...We can only dream of Snowfall like that here in the East. Those "Little Lakes" just don't quite match up to the mighty Pacific Moisture..We try though & hopefully the winds of snowtune will blow our way..thats after they have all the Snow they need for the Olympics of course wink...Bring it back our way...I sense the natives getting restless!
November 18, 2009
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Due to Whistler's relatively low elevation (2200' at the base, 7500' at the top), sometimes all of that snow can be rain, even in January or February. Hope it stays all snow from now until March. Vancouver/Whistler should be on every skier's itinerary sometime in their life.
November 20, 2009
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Absolutely W-B is big and delicious and is loads of fun. A very impressive place.

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