Students. Plan on skiing Snowshoe this year?
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November 7, 2009
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Just wanted to let all the college students out there (and I guess anyone with a college ID that isn't 15 years old) that Snowshoe has a $299 unrestricted season pass, with a valid college ID.

...But wait, it gets better! Snowshoe is doing a rail jam this Friday 13th at Liberty's Snowflex facility. If you are in attendance you can buy a season pass for only $219. Several other students here in Lewisburg are going to make the trek to save the $80. Maybe I'll see you there!!

BTW, that totally just sounded like I'm affiliated with Snowshoe. I'm not. I'm not even a big fan of Snowshoe. It's only 1 hour from where I live now. The Valley is 3 hours. So obviously I'm going to be skiing at the Shoe. And for cheap!! It beats Winterplace!

Have a great day!
November 7, 2009
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That is a great deal!

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