Winter Weather looks like another winner
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November 4, 2009
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Winter Weather looks like a stellar season

Cooler temps were the norm this year in the mid-Atlantic. Last year was the best winter in the last five years. Finally the cycle of the dreaded rain and mild during the first half of January did not show up. In all the prediction for last year was 85% on. The miss came in from the lack of snow during the last half of the season. A mild drought happened by. Snow making makes the difference.

This winter will be even better in terms of snow fall. Snowfall predicted, 30 to 45 inches for the front two ridges of the Appalachians. This area is where Liberty, Whitetail and Roundtop are located. Temperatures will average below normal for the whole winter. This is the first year in ten that all my weather sources are in agreement with each other in terms of temps being below normal. Locally low temperatures and low humidity are needed to make snow which is the primary means to cover the slopes.

Details which shape the forecast come from a Zone 3.4 El Nino (more like Zone 4).
This position in the zones allows the jet stream to trough over the east coast. This brings cold air and a rise of Nor' Easters off the coast. The Sun is still low in energy, 80% lack of sunspots over two years, this attributes to cooler temps on earth. This week one of the largest sun spots in two years has emerged, yet to soon to tell if sun spots will rise.

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