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October 13, 2009
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Earliest openings in history may continue this weekend!

Very strong early season storm for the west coast at the moment! Check out the cams at Mammoth Mountain. Highly elevational snow out there, could be as little as 2-4 inches at 8500 feet but 3-5+ feet above 9000 ft! The base lodge at mammoth is at 8900 feet so this will be very interesting to watch over the next day or so. According to their site, it seems that they will be ready to open if conditions allow which I believe would be their earliest opening on record (opened on Oct 24th in 2004). Regardless, the peak may have between 5-7 feet by the time the storm is over.
Interestingly, this storm may also lead to the earliest closing on record for Tiaoga pass and other high mountain passes in the area.

From this I will use my super power of deductive reasoning to assume:
United States - [Center of country (colorado/midwest got nailed last week & this wekeend)] - [Western US (getting nailed now]) = East Coast is next!!

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