Good Buys On Ski Clothes
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September 26, 2009
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I just left the Ski Chalet annual "Dilly in Chantilly" sale. There were some really good reductions and a great selection. Do not be fooled into thinking that the price on the garmet and the amount off sign on the rack equal the going price. Not quite sure why, but I bought a pair of ski pants that listed for $240, had a sale sticker of $215 at 40% off and the price at the register was $140! Same for a Marker 1/4 zip fleece shirt and pants that were marked 50% off the sticker price of $75...yet they both rang up for $29. Even this year's inventory is on sale, albeit 10% off. I did not check out the equipment prices, but would anticipate similar reductions.
Alas, there were signs making known that the "Ski Chalet" will be changing names to "Ski and Sun Sports", the company that bought the stores from Wilbur's estate/family a few years ago. Ski Chalet has not been the same since; I greatly miss the old Ski Chalet with Freed and Wilbur.
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