Blue Knob Condos - opinions?
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September 6, 2009
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Is there anyone who owns, or has rented a condo unit at Blue Knob? I am looking for opinions on things like access to slopes, other resort amenities, maintenance, etc.
How good are the summer activities?

I thought people stayed there during the 08 GTG, but I could not go back that far in the search
September 11, 2009
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thought you would get a response. I stayed at the condos that are not privately owned about 5 years ago. They are close to the lodge, but not close enough to walk. You have to drive. They were older, needed to be remodeled, but no one was there, so we had the pool and the jacuz to ourselfs. We stayed Sunday to Tuesday and the price was low as I remebmer it.

Worth the money, but very average. Think 2 or 3 star, not 4.
September 14, 2009
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Thanks, wojo. It was a quiet thread but I found out alot of information through other channels and a quick drive up the mountain this weekend for a peek. My wife and I are evaluating possibilities for a vacation home in the Laurel Highlands with certain requirements, and we had modified our criteria to consider the BK Condos. All the information we got is helping with our evaluation.

And no... We're not gonna buy a trailside chalet instead and turn it into the dcski club house. smile

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