Happy Birthday Scott
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lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
July 31, 2009
Member since 10/18/1999 🔗
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The Beatles

Our dear dcski editor is one year wiser...

Happy Birthday
Feliz Cumpleaños
Joyeux anniversaire
Buon compleanno
JimK - DCSki Columnist
July 31, 2009
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Scott - DCSki Editor
July 31, 2009
Member since 10/10/1999 🔗
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Thanks guys! I am indeed older today than I was yesterday. smile
Laurel Hill Crazie - DCSki Supporter 
August 1, 2009
Member since 08/16/2004 🔗
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Scott, I thought I posted a birthday wish yesterday but, I once again forgot to hit submit so except this belated birthday greeting and a wish for many more.

Thanks for the time you take to maintain this forum. It is a space I check everyday. It is the best source of info for mid-Atlantic skiing, a great way to meet new friends and an invaluable tool for for the efforts to keep Laurel Mountain out of the Lost Ski Area Forum.

Happy Birthday Scott. I hope you can find some time to meet up with some of us this winter. I would be great to finally meet you and share a day on the slopes.
Connie Lawn - DCSki Columnist
August 2, 2009
Member since 04/19/2009 🔗
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Happy Birthday Scott - our hero! I knew there was some reason I was thinking about you this week.
How about getting the team to my Lake this Saturday? Yours, Connie Lawn
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
August 3, 2009
Member since 03/5/2004 🔗
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Happy Belated Birthday, Fearless Leader Scott,
Hope we can get together on the slopes this winter.
The Colonel smile
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