Top Weekend Getaway Ski Resort near DC?
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July 26, 2009
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I was curious what the best ski resort (near dc) to have a long weekend getaway (3-4 days). The past few years about 10 of us been going to Wintergreen, which we like alot. The 4-bdrm house that we usually rent out there is awesome, and the spa is great for those of us who aren't big skiers.

We were just wondering though if this year we should keep going there, or if there are better places that people would recommend. Although we loved Wintergreen, might be nice for a change of scenery this year.

July 26, 2009
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I personally prefer the Canaan Valley area. There are 2 downhill resorts and one cross country ski area to choose from. There are also plenty of houses to rent in the area. When the snow is good (and it will be this season!), Canaan is an awesome place to be. Assuming your trip isn't planned too early in the season, it is also a lot safer of a bet than most other mid-Atlantic resorts (I don't consider good skiing in the Mid-Atlantic to be a sure thing anywhere before Christmas, atleast when making plans way in advance).

There are several good places to eat in the Valley, even more in Davis (about 10 miles North), and great entertainment in Thomas (2 miles North of Davis).

If you do decide on Canaan make sure you ask back around here to find out the best places to stay, eat, ski, and all the other important things you need to know. There are several Canaan Valley "locals" around this forum....
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August 5, 2009
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Welcome to DCSki Danimal! You'll find a good bunch here, including ski fanatics, 'board fanatics, exceptional meteorologists, incredible photographers and certified crazies. All have helped me in my skiing, from predicting the best snow conditions, choosing new equipment, checking out ski areas that are new to me, and finding good food after a day on the slopes.

Maybe you can tell us more about you and your group so we can offer advice about your trip. Beginners, intermediates or experts? Need hopping night life apres-ski, or just a quiet cozy evening in a house surrounded by trees? Is distance a factor? Crowds? Fast lifts? What about the time of year?

'Nothing like a long ski weekend with friends ... or even just thinking about it in this 90-degree weather.


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