Buying used ski equipment during the summer
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May 30, 2004
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I was at a shop in Winchester, VA called Instant Replay Sports. I decided to browse on in last week just to see what they had left over from the winter that they were trying to chuck out. They had some really amazing Elan and K2 ski's left over with bindings and top of the line boots. The exact models escape me but the ski's looked to be about 174 in size, bindings weren't the low end either. Price for the ski's was normally $500, bindings were $120 and boots were around $100 during peak season. The guy almost sold me the combo package for $350.

I assume that was well worth it? What would be a good price to pay for various items that aren't even a year old but are of last seasons stock? I plan on bargain hunting this year and with ski equipment I'm as abscent minded as anything.
May 31, 2004
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Wait, wait .. just slow down a minute!

Ask questions of the experts on this board to narrow down what you want and what would be suitable for your level and style of skiing. I would be very leery of a pair of boots for $100, even on sale. Your boots are a critical element of your gear and skimping on boots can ruin your skiing fun to say nothing about leading to possible injury and PAIN if they are not correctly fitted.

At the end of August go for the HUGE Ski Chalet sale in Chantilly and buy the gear you need for really low prices. Get there early on Friday for the best selection. Its a 3 day mob scene but I defy you to find better prices for ski/board gear anywhere in the DC area. We go every year and have picked up some stupendous deals. Last year: 2003/4 Salomon Extra Hots for 850ish , Dakine 60/40 for $90, goggles and gloves etc for a fraction of the list price.

We purchase gear from both Ski Center and Ski Chalet so I don't really favor one shop over the other. We enjoy the August sale even if we don't buy anything .. its fun wandering around to see all the new gear (better that that silly Ski Expo in Oct/Nov) and its kinda the marker for the end of summer and the beginning of the wait for snow to fall.
May 31, 2004
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This is why I'm better with boarding gear than skiing gear. [Smile] What are directions to the Ski Chalet from taking I-66 eastward? If you have the exact dates for their sales I'll start making room on the calendar.

Mainly all I need is just skis, boots, bindings. All other gear like goggles, helmet, etc I'll use from my boarding stuff. When it comes to the actual skis, I'm really bad with brand names. Which is best, which model is best, etc. I definately won't be an extreme beginner because I plan to transfer my balance and speed control from boarding over to skis so I was thinkig of a ski around 174 in length. I would really love to learn powder carving and just enjoy the finese side to skiing rather than trying to be another Bode Miller.
June 1, 2004
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As far as the skis go, the K2's sound like a good deal. I paid $400 for my K2 Axis X and Marker 1000 bindings at the Ski Chalet sale last year.

The Axis X is K2's all-mountain ski. I loved mine last year. They handled well in all conditions. If your beginning skiing or just getting back to it, 174 is a little long. I ski 174 and I wish I had bought the 167. I can ski the length but in the mid-atlantic, the shorter ski is preferable on our conditions (however the 174 was much better for me when I skied out west).

As far as boots go, I don't know enough to steer you in the right direction. Except to say go to someone who is a good bootfitter. Know matter where you buy your boots, they'll need to be adjusted after you've skied a couple of days in them and that followup service is critical.
June 1, 2004
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Thanks for the advise. Now that you mentioned it the bindings were Marker's (cause it reminded me of paintball markers, heh) from what the sales associate said. Do keep me posted on the Ski Chalet's big summer sale and I'm there.

What are the directions to get to it??
June 1, 2004
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Here's the URL to the directions page of the Chantilly location (closest to you I would think):
Ski Chalet Chantilly Location

I had spoken with the folks there a little ways back and I believe that the Big August blowout will be from 8/27/04 - 8/30/04. I'll try to remember to verify that and update here. I'd love to pick up a pair of Volkl 724 Pro or AX4 but I don't think I can sell that idea to my wife [Wink]

June 2, 2004
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Ok that does it, Scott needs to put up a thing on the front page about their blowout sale and maybe even see if I can get discounts or something for dcskiers [Wink]
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