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JimK - DCSki Columnist
July 10, 2009
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Test to determine your snowrider profile

Next ski season would you rather:
A. for a week only at
1)Snowshoe or
2)a whole season only at The Homestead?

B. at a mid-Atlantic mountain of your choice with the
1)best new boots and skis money can buy for only 10 days, or
2)40 days in 10 year old gear?

C. ...spend all season
1)teaching skiing/boarding to an attractive, never-skied-before, significant other or
2)ski/board alone at full throttle?

D. for
1)only one week at Blue Knob with 12 inches of fresh snow each day, or
2)for a whole average season only at Massanutten?

E. until
1)lunchtime then enjoy a free all-you-can-eat buffet with open bar in Seven Springs lodge for the rest of afternoon or
2)skip lunch and go bell to bell carving ice all day on Angel Drop at Whitetail?

F. your car
1)90 minutes for a weekday trip to Roundtop with no lift lines or
2)four hours each way for a weekend day trip to Timberline with one of the triple chairs broken?

1)alone on a powder day or
2)with your best friend on a rainy day?

H. ...go for a
1)day of skiing/boarding at full price or
2)switch from your normal mode of snow sliding (skiing, boarding, tele) and try another mode for the entire day for free?

1)60 years old and own a slopeside home at Wisp or
2)19 years old and have the green light from your parents to take a year to ski bum in Pennsylvania?!?

J. ...spend the rest of your life, including the vagaries of whatever state of operation, only allowed to ski/board at
1)Canaan Valley ski area or
2)Laurel Mountain ski area?

Add up the total of your picks determine your snowrider profile:
10 = cream puff
12 = ski bunny
14 = sugar daddy
16 = legend in your own mind
18 = frozen popsicle
20 = hardcore maineac

Disclaimer: this exam is just for fun and has no basis in reality
July 12, 2009
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July 12, 2009
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I guess I am really just a legen in my own mind....
July 13, 2009
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Originally Posted By: JimK
Test to determine your snowrider profile

A. 2 Ski the small hills!
B. 2 In the mid-atlantic, they will perform the same anyways after 10 days.
C. 2 Been there, did that, have never talked to the woman again.
D. 1 Oh come on.. 12" a day means everything should be open. Too rare to pass up!
E. 1 Africian or European, I mean Upper or lower Angel Drop? Nevermind, 7S Buffet rocks, and with the Gunnar 6, you can probably get in just as many vertical ft.
F 1 5 extra hours sitting to spend extra hours sitting and standing?
G 2 *humming the old Lowenbrau jingle*
H 2 are anti-inflammitories included in the "free" part?
I 1 are you kidding? I even dreamed of slopeside lodging when I WAS 19
J 2 even though "vagarities of whatever state of operation" might mean closed more years than open.

16? that high? wow.
July 13, 2009
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Zero = snowrider with a life

If you want to be a Maineac I humbly suggest you move to Kennybunkport.

Ski and Tell

Snowcat got your tongue?

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